A Roaring Twenties “Great Gatsby” Wedding

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Historic weddings are all the rage these days, with people dressing up in everything from Renaissance garb to Summer of Love boho chic. For a fun, lavish, spring or summer wedding,  consider taking a trip back to the 1920s with a Great Gatsby theme!

Bride and parents

Photo: Dawn Derbyshire

“Can’t repeat the past?…Why of course you can!” - The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald

With a theme wedding like this, you’ll want to channel all the best and brightest about the Roaring Twenties. This era was all about fun and opulence: after the Great War, people were keen to party it up and be indulgent, with all things wild, glittery, and glamorous being a top priority in the 1920s. This was the era of great music, raucous dancing, and celebrating being alive. If you’re looking for ideas for décor and design for the celebration/reception of your vintage wedding, check out the film version of The Great Gatsby itself. Equally, if you’re a Downton Abbey fan at all, the last season was set in the 1920s, so you can take note of some of the fashions shown on there as well if you need extra inspiration for your vintage reception. Episodes of Poirot (with David Suchet as the title character) are also great for reference.

Wedding Collage 1920s Ideas

Table card: Zazzle | Table: Moira Events | Bride: Wed Over Heels | Coral: Glitzy Things | Cups: Style Me Pretty | Desserts: Wed Over Heels | Cake: Pinterest | Place setting: Kristy Mershon | Mint Julep: Flamboyant Eats | Flowers: Nyfikengron | Chocolate pearls: Agnes B. Delices | Shoes: Bridal Shoes | Garter: Firemink | Champagne: Pretty Brass Tacks

Take a cue from classical colours of the Art Deco period, such as mint green, silver, charcoal, cream, and coral for use in your palette, and feel free to be liberal with pearl and rhinestone accents. You can get creative with feathers and faux fur too! Dress styles of that era were very straight and column-like (think “flapper fashion”), so brides and bridesmaids alike can aim for long silhouettes that can be accented with elaborate hairpieces and jewellery. Long strands of pearls, rhinestone brooches/earrings, and fascinator headpieces would be perfect for the vintage ladies, along with low-heeled shoes and clutch purses to top off the vintage wedding look. Gents would be the bee’s knees in fedoras and smart, light-hued suits. Trailing bouquets were very popular in the 1920s, so feel free to go wild with them—try mixing peonies with freesia, and some trailing ivy or even wisteria, and tuck some ostrich feathers into the bouquet as well.

Flapper Dancing

Photo: Avi Delta

Encourage your guests to dress in the style of that era, and keep music on theme with a live Jazz band. You can also consider recreating menus that would have been popular during the 1920s, like from the Waldorf Astoria hotel: refreshments after the wedding could include hors d’oeuvre, mint juleps and pink champagne, while a dinner menu might give a nod to items like:

-          Baked ham or fowl

-          Waldorf salad

-          Roasted potatoes

-          Asparagus, and stuffed mushroom caps

-          Red Velvet cake

To close the evening, have all your guests light sparklers as they toast your departure. If you feel like being a bit frivolous, consider hiring a classic 1920s car to whisk you away to your hotel in style, with a bottle of bubbly and a pair of glasses waiting for you in the backseat.

Need more inspiration? We’ve come across some beautiful vintage themed wedding designs like this top vintage styled weddings from A Dream Wedding for Less and this gorgeous pastel wedding theme from The Wedding Planner.

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